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Neil Casey – TDSB Teacher, Bessborough Elementary & Middle School

I wanted Tony and the Kids O Course to come to my school today to build teamwork with my students, and to challenge them both physically and mentally to really work together and support each other outside. It is an incredible experience to see the students that we work with everyday just out in the field having fun, being challenged, smiling and joking, and really helping people out that they weren’t necessarily playing with day-to-day in school, but they had a chance to work with people who they may not be friends with and build new friendships. They’re going to go home and talk about it, they’re going to come to school tomorrow and talk about it. I think it was just a really really good experience for them, and a highlight of our year for sure.

Stacy Langdon – TDSB Teacher, William Burgess Elementary

The best part for the kids for me was to let go of the fear and how to get dirty and hands-on in the mud. It was amazing to see the kids really embrace it, and then after they got scared to get a little dirty, they loved it. They were splashing around, running around, I really loved it.

Isabelle – Parent

Everything was fun, it’s not competitive, it’s more cooperative, which is very important for the students and for myself obviously. And you could see the parents, the students and the teachers all worked together, in different ways which was awesome. To help each other and to be patient, I think it’s one of the most important points.

Olivier Murzeau – CSDCCS Teacher, Ecole Sainte-Madeleine

Throughout the day they were running and getting tired. They thought they were done, but then when they got to the obstacles we saw the enthusiasm, and we saw students helping each other which is really wonderful. I think they learned to not give up when they see a challenge. It was new and difficult for some but they didn’t give up, they kept going, and the cooperation between the students was really great to see. I’ll be back next year for sure.

Maureen Devine – CSDCCS Teacher, Ecole Sainte-Madeleine

We had Tony A come to our school, Faywood Arts Based Curriculum School twice to put the grade 7 and 8 students through the Kids O Course. It was truly an amazing experience and opportunity for the students and for the teachers. Tony was very professional, inspirational, motivating and put forth a challenging and very fun physical fitness program.

Tony was very engaging with the students creating a very strong and positive rapport with each of them. He had them pushing themselves mentally and physically to achieve things they would not have been able to achieve without his motivating approach. The students worked hard and cooperatively to attain the various challenges presented to them. It was a great team building opportunity for the students.

The students were very excited about the program and demonstrated this by enthusiastically asking when Tony was going to return. Many of the students informed us that they had a lot of fun and were very proud of what they accomplished. We, as teachers thought this was a very positive educational experience for the students. They learned to work together, to support each other, and left with the understanding that a strong mind can accomplish things you might not feel you can and that physical fitness is a very important part of their lives.

This program was a fantastic way to get all students, not just the natural athletes, involved in fun and challenging physical fitness activities that will motivate and inspire the students to continue to become more fit. This is a life altering experience for the students that can help them realize that physical activity and fitness is an important part of a persons life. It also demonstrated how important it is to work together and cooperate to achieve more then you might on your own. Many of the students pursued more opportunities to challenge themselves both physically and mentally after The Kids O Course was completed and that really is the best testimonial to the success of this program.

Jackie Gaistman – TDSB Teacher, Faywood Arts-Based Curriculum School