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Receive a $500 Tax Credit on your Income Tax Return

You can claim up to $500.00 per child in the fees paid relating to the cost of registration for your child in a prescribed program of physical activity!!!    (Line 365 of your income tax return)

Visit the government website for more details:

Healthy Learning

Many children do not enjoy engaging in any form of physical activity because they are more interested in video games or the latest technology. Less and less time is being devoted to living a healthy and active life. The Kids O Course is a fun and challenging obstacle course that will increase motivation and have children/students wanting more, inevitably, changing their lifestyle with the inclusion of increased physical activity and healthy habits.

The Kids O Course provides valuable support and enrichment for improving your child’s physical literacy! The obstacle course is a fun and fantastic way to engage children/students to participate in physical exercise with a large group of kids their own age!

Fundamental Movement Skills

The Kids O Course contains learning expectations from the Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum.  Students will acquire the skills they need to excel in their Phys Ed. program in school, improve their cardio-respiratory fitness, learn to set simple personal fitness goals, engage in healthy habits and to stay active.