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‘O’ stands for OBSTACLE.

Obstacle - Noun. A thing that blocks one’s way or prevents or hinders progress.

The “O” in Kids O Course stands for overcoming obstacles, and is built to encourage kids to see the value of an active lifestyle while testing their mental and physical limits. This fun, action packed obstacle course is designed for students ages 6 – 14 and includes the four elements of fitness; flexibility, strength, endurance and agility that will help them improve their cardio-respiratory stamina and build stronger muscles and bones!

As kids CLIMB, RUN, JUMP, and CRAWL through the obstacle course, they will build confidence and increase their self esteem all while enjoying being motivated and challenged. The Kids O Course encourages physical literacy and students will acquire the skills they need.

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Toronto Star

Obstacle races: They’re tough, muddy — and for kids
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Our Mission

Leading a life of optimal health is a lifestyle, one that adults tend to neglect as they grow older. This lifestyle should begin at a young age and be carried throughout their lives. More emphasis must be put on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle each and every day.

Unfortunately, nowadays in our society, this is not the case. Statistics indicate that childhood obesity is on the rise at an increasingly fast pace.

In order to battle this epidemic, we are here to educate our children and youth about the importance of healthy living, exercising, proper eating and how to execute these habits daily. These children and youth are the generation of the future and we must ensure they are properly equipped with the skills, tools and correct mind frame to lead a healthy and active life!